Tuna and Orange Salad


Eat, Activity, Sleep, YOU!

Lets talk about Mummy’s for a moment ….. How much time do you have to eat between feeds, cleaning, activities, looking after older siblings and then trying to achieve something whilst the baby’s asleep??

You’re probably counting backwards and dreaming of a time machine. I know I’d marry Dr Who if he’d let me use his TARDIS, and that’s not a euphemism, as I don’t have time for that either!

So, today, I’m going to take a moment and share a quick healthy lunch that will keep us going at the hectic pace we set for ourselves (All superheroines do!)

It takes literally 5 minutes to whip up. Pop the ingredients in a bowl in the below order.

Grab a couple of handfuls of baby spinach

6 or so Cherry Tomatoes halved

Half a cucumber sliced

A 95g tin of tuna (I cannot get enough of Sirena tuna….Do yourself a favour!)

2 tsps of baby capers (less if you’re not into them as much as I am)

and here’s the kicker…Half an orange! (Yes, Orange! Fruit is an underrated additive to a salad…..let’s embrace their citrusy goodness) peel, slice and quarter said fruit.

Season to taste, then drizzle with your choice of dressing or some lemon and olive oil.


Now sit down, pop your earphones in and tune out the world whilst your taste buds have a party!