It’s a Party!

The rain is falling but that is not hindering the masses getting down to Surry Hills and Darlinghurst to get prized positions for parade watching. In the spirit of festivals and festivities I thought I’d put a little blog together about yummy and nutritious party food ideas for the little ones.

Top Ten Party Foods

  1. Fruit Plate (fresh seasonal fruits…. easy finger foods)
  2. Vegetable Plate with Hummus ( carrot sticks, celery, cucumber, cherry tomatoes)
  3. Antipasti Plate (cheese, meats, olives, smoked salmon)
  4. Mini Meat Pies
  5. Mini Sausage Rolls
  6. Chicken Tenders ( Fresh chicken thighs cut into bite sized pieces crumbed and shallow fried… beats a chicken nugget every time.)
  7. Chicken Curry Pies
  8. Cupcakes (banana with cream cheese icing, chocolate and berry with chocolate icing, Nutella, blueberry…. oh the list goes on)
  9. Cookies ( choc chip, sugar cookies, macadamia and white chocolate… whatever takes your fancy! )
  10. A party’s not a party without some liquid refreshment now is it? Pimms or Sangria for Mum and Dad!

I like an afternoon party (I am not a morning person) so like to serve a hearty lunch inspired menu that is filling and nutritious. I’m also an over-caterer (better to have too much than not enough) so like to cater for the adults too.  Some of the items may seem more for the adults but not so much in our household, I have to keep an eye out that my son doesn’t eat all the olives, smoked salmon or prosciutto!

After such a hearty lunch we also have the main attraction …. the CAKE of course!
As Julia Child once wisely said, ‘A party without cake is just a meeting!’

Happy Fiesta-ing