Tidy Tot Product review Australia

Product Review – Tidy Tot Australia

I was pretty excited to be asked by Ast + Co to review the Tidy Tot! Since my son started BLW 5 years ago, I’ve always just dealt with the mess because I knew how much he loved food. I think I was then a bit desensitized to it when Cleo, my daughter, started her Baby-Led Weaning journey.

Why?? Why did I accept that there wasn’t a better way?

I now know there IS a better way and that is with the Tidy Tot! A genius product that is a must have for BLWing especially if you don’t cope well with mess.

What is the Tidy-Tot?

Essentially, its a large waterproof fabric tray that covers your highchair tray. It has two suction cups to secure to the highchair and fits almost all chairs (we have the Boon Flair). The best part about the tray is that it’s been made to be wider than a baby’s arm span.

Now, Cleo is an arm over the edge and drop sort of girl. So, you can appreciate the value in the wide tray preventing her from the drop on the floor. First tick from me!



Second tick came when we saw that the PUL fabric bib velcroed to the tray! Yep! No food going down the front or side of that highchair in any way! All the crumbs and droppage stays on the tray or settles in the bib but not anywhere near clothes. The reason she came out squeaky clean besides the velcro is because the PUL fabric of the bib is completely waterproof. The liquid just beads up and falls away. Great, right!!


Bib attached to the tray

So, now we have no dropped food. Clean clothes and less laundry. All wins in my book!

The last part of our experience was the clean up. Will it be a hassle to wipe down? How will I store it? Will the bib be dry for my next meal? These were my first questions?

Once Cleo was done, I took her arms out of the bib and just lifted it straight up over her head and put it on the kitchen bench. Didn’t spill a thing. She was squeaky clean…the highchair was squeaky clean and the floor was squeaky clean. Perfect!



To clean the tray, I tipped leftovers into the bin and wiped down the tray with a cloth.. easy! The bib can be wiped down if it’s not stained or if it’s dirty, handwashed. I popped it into the washing machine on speed cycle and it dried in about an hour as the PUL is quick dry, the same fabric they use for re-usable nappies. To store I just hang it over the back of our highchair. It can also be refolded down to the size of a dinner plate.  Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? Well, it is. I love it. I use it with every meal now.


The one thing I did come across was that the suction cups need prepping before use otherwise they don’t stick properly. Easy enough to do, I just dunked them in a bowl of boiling water for 30 seconds each and they re-moulded and suctioned perfectly.


Wide tray 

Bib velcros to tray

Easy clean up

Stores small if needed

Fast drying bib

Age – 6 Months plus

Modern Unisex design


Suction Cup prep

If you want to check them out, head to Ast&Co.com.

Go to my Facebook page, Bourke St Baby to see a video of the Tidy Tot in action!

Happy Weaning



PS. This review was not paid in any way.

PPS. The fork and spoon sets we use are from Grabease Australia.