Food Product Review – BakeMe Snacks


Who loves Muesli bars? We do! They are the best snacks for on-the-go but they are actually packed FULL of refined sugars and preservatives. You can call me a kill-joy or just an over-reactive mother but its important to me to monitor the sugar content in the foods that I serve my kids. It’s common knowledge that refined sugars aren’t great for us and in fact children under two shouldn’t consume any refined sugars at all as their bodies don’t have the ability to process them yet. This is why I rarely buy muesli bars and I never use packet mixes of anything. I bake all my own treats for my kids because then I can control the ingredients and sugar content.

That is until I discovered BakeMe Snacks Bake-at-home Mixes!

Bake-Me Snacks are home mixes made specifically for Toddlers and Kids. They have no added sugars, no preservatives, no nuts, dairy free options (suits us perfectly) and are made from organic ingredients. This ticked all the boxes for me!

 How easy are they to make?

Well, I’ll tell you…. We got the Berry, Oat and Chia bars Mix which makes 16 bars. I decided to get my 4-year-old son to help me make them to see how easy they were to make. (It’s always a great way to get them interested in the food your cooking by involving them in the process aswell) All we needed to add was banana, egg and almond milk. It was literally a 4 step process and my son could do it all, I just made sure the mix was thoroughly stirred and put it in the oven.

  1.  Preheat the oven (not hard)
  2. Combine egg, milk and banana and blitz in a blender (super quick)
  3. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and stir (didn’t even break a sweat)
  4. Spread evenly in baking pan and cook for 35 mins (yep, that’s it!)

Actually I lie, there are 5 steps…eat and enjoy!

 What about the taste test?

Firstly, my son would have dunked his head in the bowl if I’d let him. That’s a pretty good indicator of yumminess. We used a super ripe banana which gave them just the right amount of sweetness when added to the cranberries, blueberries and cinnamon. The texture is soft, which makes them easy to bite and chew, so much so that even my 1 year old can easily demolish a bar with only 8 teeth. They are freezable for up to 4 weeks and after freezing, the texture and taste are the same. Hurrah! I’ve had to ration them out as my son would have eaten the lot!

I am super happy with this bake-at-home mix particularly considering I NEVER use the ones from the supermarket. I’ll be getting them regularly now for my son to take to Kindy next year as they are the perfect baked snack when you have time restraints or want to pre-mix and freeze. I’ll still make my own treats from scratch because I love to cook but these are a great addition for lunch box variety and as they make 16 bars, are really cost effective at only $0.86 cents a bar (incl postage) but if you get the value pack of four mixes you end up only paying $0.57 cents a bar which is actually cheaper than traditional muesli bars but WITHOUT the added sugars or nasty preservatives. Which in my opinion is the best feature of these products as it means I can give my kids treats that they’ll enjoy that are nutritious.

Bourke St Baby BakeMe Snacks Review


 Easy to make

Good variety

Dairy free

Nut free

No added Sugars

Preservative free

Cost effective


My Kids LOVE them



 Not available in stores

(not a huge problem, you just have to be organised and order ahead online)


To check out the complete BakeMe Snacks range go to

Happy Baking



 NB: Not a paid review